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Liner Replacements

Is your inground vinyl liner pool looking worn out? Contact us for a pool liner quote! Our custom-fit liners will make your pool sparkle. Your backyard is your oasis, treat it like one with a new liner. 

In-Ground Liner Replacement

Buff City Pools specializes in custom in-ground pool construction. We guarantee each pool liner is measured to the exact custom fit you need, and our vinyl liners come in different gauges and patterns to suit any pool style. Browse our selection of liner patterns today for the perfect pool liner.

Each Liner Install is Unique

Our pool liner replacement process is tried and tested, and is similar in almost all situations. While every pool is unique, there is an process that needs to be followed for a successful liner replacement; from draining the pool, to removing the existing liner, installing the new liner, and finally re-filling the pool. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a professional liner replacement for your in-ground pool.

1. First, we will need to get some general measurements in order to quote your pool. Once the contract is signed, we will come out to take exact measurements and a liner pattern will need to be chosen. Latham has many beautiful patterns to choose from. You can view them by clicking the icon below. 

Latham Logo

2. Once the pattern is chosen and the deposit is paid, we will get you on the schedule on a week-by-week basis. When it gets closer to your project, we will call you with a day we will be out to start the process so you know when your pool will be down. 

3. The day before installation, we will come out to drop a pump to start draining your pool. The next day we start the pool liner installation process. We will remove the old liner, clean the floor of the pool, and patch any problem spots on the floor. Once the floor is up to our standards, we will install the pool liner. Once the liner installation is complete, it is time to fill the pool. We will come back when the pool has at least 2 feet of water in the shallow end to finish up by cutting in your pool with new faceplates for the returns, skimmer box and light. 

Does your liner keep falling out of the track? Click HERE to see how we can fix that!

Call or email us for a quote!
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